Shandy Lawson is the author of the teen thriller and YALSA-nominee The Loop, published in 2013 by Disney-Hyperion Books. He lives in New York City and is represented by Adam Schear of DeFiore & Company.





Like all writers, Shandy has written books since he was four. Granted, these weren't books you can buy on Amazon, they were sheets of copy paper folded and stapled, then filled in with his stories in black crayon. Some were (poorly) illustrated, even.

Through high school and beyond, he always wrote fiction--though only for the school literary magazine or his own amusement. He spent most of his creative energy instead on a career as a musician, which, at least professionally, didn't go too far. He loved it and is proud of the music he made, but to be honest Shandy suspects he focused on music because he really didn't believe he could cut it as a writer. Actual writers are way smarter than he is. They're even smarter than he thinks he is, and that's pretty smart.

Of course, writing is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Way more work. He had always imagined a leisurely life, maybe a few hours a day spent at a desk overlooking the ocean followed by several more hours of being manly and cool. It's likely that he read too much Hemingway in his youth.

Instead, he gets up every morning, takes the train to the library and works there as long as his brain will let him (if he tries to write at home he'll just end up distracting himself with the TV or cooking something he's not even hungry for), then after work he heads home to deal with the other part of writing: administrative tasks. It is, after all, a business.

Shandy writes the kind of books he wished he'd had around when he was younger. He always wanted something a little scarier, a little smarter, a story that challenged the rigidity of the universe and its rules--a story where the laws of physics don't apply to everyone exactly the same way, or where time can twist up like a ribbon. So that's what he writes now.

He lives in New York City, which he's pretty sure is the most inspirational place a person can be. He loves it there--partly for the creative inspiration and partly because no city takes food as seriously as NYC does. You should come visit if you've never been there. He can recommend restaurants.

Shandy's aware that this bio doesn't include facts like his age (older than he acts) and favorite color (corduroy), but that's all boring stuff anyway. If you really need to know, you can always ask him and he'll do his best to answer honestly. Cheers.

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